The impact of the job market on recruitment, including trends in industries and geographical areas
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Here are some ways in which the job market can impact recruitment.
How to prevent turnover?
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Here are some strategies for retaining top talent and preventing employee turnover
How to onboard new employees?
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Best practices for onboarding new employees and integrating them into the company culture.
Social media and recruitement
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Let's talk about the role of social media in recruitment and how to find and attract candidates.
Recruiting with tech?
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At A-player, our moto is "we're recruitment Craft(wo)men using the best technologies available". But when we talk about technology, what does that mean?
The better way to interview a candidate
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As an individual recruiter or an HR specialist, you wanna know what are the interview techniques and tips for finding the best candidates? Here are some of our inputs.
10 informations à intégrer dans une annonce de développeur.
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Comment bien rédiger une offre d'emploi pour chasser un développeur ?
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