Recruiting with tech?
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At A-player, our moto is "we're recruitment Craft(wo)men using the best technologies available".

But when we talk about technology, what does that mean?

Let's have a look at the use of technology in the recruitment process, including applicant tracking systems and job boards.

  • Technology plays a significant role in the recruitment process, particularly with the advent of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and online job boards.
  • ATS are software tools that allow companies to efficiently manage and track job applications. They enable companies to create and publish job postings online, collect and store applications, sort candidates based on skills and experience, and schedule interviews. ATS can also be integrated with social media and job search websites for even wider distribution of job postings.
  • Online job boards, such as LinkedIn and Indeed, are platforms where candidates can search for job openings and apply online. These sites allow companies to efficiently post job openings and receive applications.
  • While these tools are very useful for streamlining the recruitment process, it is important not to rely on them solely and not to overlook the importance of in-person interviews for fully evaluating candidates.

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